Pets and babies– Baby 54!

As always, it’s time to start off with a few birthdays.

Chad was teasing the kids as their bodies contorted into aging up.

“Haha, that looks funny!  You all look so stupid, you should see yourselves!  Bahahahahahahahahahh”

That was enough.  Jos…  Er, the man who’s name shall not be mentioned, knew that belittling her kids was the last straw.

Nori is just stunning, simply stunning.  The boys will be crawling all over her for sure.

Likewise, the GIRLS will be crawling all over Desta!  You never know, maybe some guys too.  😉

Mia ran off to her friend’s house and didn’t get a picture taken, but one is coming later, I promise!

Hannah has her father’s eye problems, and so she had to wear glasses.  She’s really such a sweetheart though.

Molly is a bit of a tomboy of sorts, but luckily skipped out on the bad eye gene.  She did however definitely get her father’s complex facial structure.

If Desta was a heartbreaker as a baby, Callyn is even more so.  One thing Leiah couldn’t figure out though, was that with all the mysterious blondes, the one time there actually was a blonde gene in the mix, the baby got a random black haired gene!  His eyes were also a mystery.  It was almost like…  Like Chad wasn’t the father…  Especially with the darker skin..

After all the birthdays, it was time for a confrontation.  Leiah started by casually asking about this disease that Chad had.

“So, Chad, tell me more about this disease.”

“Well, it’s just um…  It kind of starts off just inside…  It doesn’t show on the outside until the very end…  So…yeah…I…guess…I.. think…”

Leiah couldn’t keep her calm anymore, she lost it.

“Uh-huh.  You’ve sure been acting sick, poor baby.”

Chad gave a half-hearted, fake cough.

“Do you really expect me to believe that you are really sick?!” Leiah spat “I can’t believe you, you come here, being a horrible influence to my kids, all for nothing!  I’ve opened my heart and home, just for you.  I can’t believe I was so naive!”

Chad just stared at her with those piercing eyes of her.  Oh my goodness, even when he’s angry he’s hot.

Finally, he spoke.

“I can’t believe…  I can’t believe you would think I’m lying.  I am so offended!”

Oh wow, he was a horrible actor.

“You need to just leave.  Now.”

Leiah said with a strength she didn’t know she possessed.

Chad gave her a funny look, like he thought she was joking.  But she wasn’t, she was as serious as the disease that Chad didn’t actually have.  She knew that now.

He exploded at her then.


Well then.  He was good about his word though, because he left soon after.

Leiah ran straight outside to hug her kids.  Chad was bad news, she remembered this now.  Her kids could have been in danger, and Leiah was too blind and naive to see it.

She jumped in the hottub then, slightly dazed, but overjoyed.  She was free.  She was truly free.  She was close to something harmful, but she was free now.

Leiah headed off to the pet store to get a surprise for the kids, and speak of the devil.  Look what the cat dragged in!  After kicking him out on his butt, Chad must have been forced to get a job, he worked at the pet store.

Anyways, that’s not the point.  The point is the kid’s present.  This is little Stella.

After sniffing around for a little bit, Stella went straight upstairs to Leiah’s bed and fell asleep on it.

Stella was from a rescue, where she had gotten pulled from a bad situation.  The poor girl had been beaten and left neglected for some time, but she is still such a sweety.  Leiah planned to love her up.

What do you think little Callyn, are you happy about the doggy?

Callyn exclaimed.

The kids were all great with Stella.  As soon as the older ones got home from school, they freaked out over Stella and started doing all sorts of odd jobs.

In fact, the kids were SO good with Stella, that Leiah even considered getting another pet.  But for now, she is going to focus on Stella for a bit.

Leiah went home to make friends with Stella, which wasn’t very tough.  She started off slowly, by just letting Stella sniff.

Soon they both were having a grand ol’ time playing tug o’ war.

Stella was really a little cuddle bug though, and was loving the attention.

By the end of the night, Leiah had established herself as Stella’s “alpha”.  Just look at that adoring look that Stella is giving Leiah!

The kids were all busy doing their homework, and Callyn was entertaining himself quite well, so Leiah took Stella out to go to the dog park.

The first thing she did was to hop into the fountain.  It turns out that Stella loves to swim!

To end a doggy-filled day, Stella and Leiah cuddled up and fell asleep.

As promised, here is FINALLY a picture of Mia.  Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Molly had been really badly wanting to have a pillow fight.  Finally, her mother agreed.  Molly WAS whipping Leiah’s butt.

But then…

“Hold on, hold on, let me catch my breath…”

WHAP!  Leiah smacked her daughter with the pillow.

“Hey, no fair!”

Molly cried.

“All’s fair in love and war!”

Leiah sang happily.

Meanwhile, Hannah was happy as a clam outside playing in the new sand box.

After Molly got tired, Leiah went to go have some mommy-son time with Callyn.

“Oh no, look out Callyn!  THE CLAW is coming for you!”

Little Callyn screamed.

Leiah then tickled her son who erupted in a burst of giggles.

Another fun, new, toy was a little spring rider.  Leiah plopped Callyn down on it, and the little guy had the most fun time ever acting like he was on a motorcycle.

“Vroom vroom mommy, I dwivin’!”

Finally, Callyn decided he was done, so Leiah set him down in the sand box with his sister.

Leiah left to go see her newest baby daddy, it looked like Stella had the house under control.

This is baby 54’s daddy.  Isaiah Feilds.  He seems like a really nice guy, and is pretty much a hunk.

As much as Leiah wasn’t in the mood for taking too long, she did want to know her future child’s father.

Luckily, he didn’t seem to be in the mood to dilly dally either, because after getting to know some basic things about each other, he gave her a flirty hug.

He embraced her, watching her eyes to make sure she was ready.  Leiah said nothing, just lowered her head and looked at him coyly to signal that she was indeed ready.

When Leiah got home, she planned to go straight to bed.  But little Stella seemed to have other ideas.  Apparently she had gone swimming in the pool and then rolled around in the mud.  Lovely.

Leiah brought her back inside and scrubbed her down in the bathtub.  She stood surprisingly still and let Leiah wash her.

Leiah took the dripping wet dog out and dried her before letting her run around and shaking the water out of her fur.  After running around the house shaking like a crazed maniac, Stella hopped onto Leiah’s bed and fell asleep.

The only problem was that now, Leiah was wide awake, and having a craving for cookies.  SO, cookie time it was.

After consuming a large amount of dough and cookies, Leiah started carving a wood sculpture.  Hmmm, what will it be?

She was of course, interrupted by the awesome pregnancy nausea.

She cleaned the toilet, then headed to bed for a few hours.

When Callyn woke her up not two hours later, Leiah took him out on a walk, and the little guy was having a grand ol’ time imagining all sorts of things.

“Oh no!  Mommy, look out, there is monsters coming for us!”

“Don’t worry mommy, I will protect you!”

That’s her little man alright.

After their walk, Leiah just laid on her bed and relaxed a bit, enjoying the feelings of her pregnancy.

Speaking of the pregnancy, it looks like the little one is baking quite nicely.

One thing Stella loved more than anything else, even peanut butter, was belly rubs.  If you gave her one weird look, she automatically rolled over onto her back for a belly rub.  Silly girl.

That night, all the kids were bored, so Leiah got the new slip n’ slide going and the kids went sliding on it.

Afterwards, everyone got around the fire and roasted marshmallows.  Including Stella.

Molly and Hannah twisted Leiah’s arm until she let them sleep outside on sleeping bags.  So the two fell asleep under the stars that night.

With her due date getting close, Leiah was really emotional, and really paranoid.  She stayed outside for a long time after the girls fell asleep to make sure that they were okay.

Leiah woke up the next morning to some lovely kicks.  Well hello baby!

It was also the day of the prom, and both of the girls were looking extraordinarily beautiful.  Here is Nori in all her splendor.

Mia went for a slightly more natural look, but was just as crazy beautiful as her sister.

Here is the girls’ dresses.  They both had the same one, just different colors.  Nori’s is blue.

Their friends came and picked up Nori, Mia, and Desta in a limo.  Desta refused to have his picture taken in his swanky tux.

Leiah slowly slid down on the couch while watching TV, until she finally just fell asleep.

It’s a good thing she got rest when she did, because when Leiah woke up, she woke up to the most familiar feeling in the world.  Labor.

Isaiah, being the sweetheart he is, even showed up to help Leiah through the labor.

Ladies and gents, welcome to the world, baby Parker.

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